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Tridens Hand Finished Ergonomic Brushed Stainless Steel Fork With Stainless Steel Holder

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A uniquely designed fork for meat lovers and professionals! Designed and made in France, the fork and its base are made of corrosion-resistant 316L stainless steel. The brushed aspect of the steel makes it even more elegant Its ergonomic handle facilitates its easy handling (right or left handed) Weight of the fork: 550 g - Dimensions: 110 x 165 x 25mm Weight of the base 90 gr

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The Tridens meat fork is perfect for serving and cutting your meats! Made in France in the Nantes region, this utensil with a contemporary and unique design and offers perfect ergonomics, whether you are right-handed or left-handed. It is aimed at meat lovers as well as professionals. You will be able to cleanly cut all your meats such as your duck breast, roast, leg or prime rib.

The meat fork is made of 316L stainless steel, a material that is particularly resistant to impact and corrosion, to keep it long-lasting. In addition, stainless steel is particularly appreciated by professionals since it prevents bacterial proliferation, and therefore adapts perfectly to the kitchen environment and to use in contact with food.

Its design has been thought out to make the utensil as ergonomic as possible. The shape of the handle allows you to grip the fork easily to hold the meat in place when cutting

The brushed finish on the fork and the base brings a touch of modernity to the whole. The base is also made of stainless steel to give it good strength, and it is engraved with the logo of the Tridens brand. For an even more elegant presentation, the object has been designed to give the impression that the fork is levitating when it rests on the base.

The Tridens fork is the ideal gift for meat or barbecue lovers

Maintenance tips:

- Wash your Tridens fork by hand, without an abrasive sponge, for a gentler cleaning and more effective maintenance. Once cleaned, wipe it dry with a soft cloth.

- Do not leave in prolonged contact with water or a heat source

- Store in a dry place

- Washing in the dishwasher is not recommended